Why The Change?

You would have thought for me to give up booze and meat in one week, I would have had to have been caught drink-driving on the way back from an abattoir.

Actually, it was a lot less drastic and actually quite accidental that Chris and I chose to give up both alcohol and go vegan in the same week.

Both were caused by different reasons so I will give you an outlines on each.

The Dry Decision

I have always loved a drink and so had Chris, as a couple we were your typical heavy binge drinkers. When we lived in London, we found that our free time and money evolved around drinking and eating. When we moved to Australia late 2017, we thought this would naturally slow down but it didn’t, it actually got worse. Then like everyone we hit it hard over the Christmas period. On New Years Day, I woke up feeling horrific after another drunken session resulting in a black out.  I just wished I was that person who could have one drink and be happy, but it just didn’t seem possible. I was recommended Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind 


No lie, I started reading it looking for answers to how to cut back on my drink, I finished it on the same day and as I closed the book I knew I was never going to drink again. Powerful stuff hey?

To sum it up; Annie explores the different reasons why we drink and basically debunks all the logic behind it.For me drink was an reward for getting through the working week and to release stress. However Annie explains how your brain is wired to believe alcohol will help, but actually it does the opposite and she uses a strategy to help unwire that belief. If you are interested it’s definitely worth a read.

So anyway,  after explaining all this to Chris, he was on board also, we knew it wasn’t making us happy and so that was that.

The Vegan Decision.

It’s no secret vegan is becoming trendy, this is because people are now exposed to the facts about the meat/dairy industry and the negative impact it has on the human body, the environment and of course the animals.  We stumbled into Veganism by binge watching Netflix documentaries:

  • Cowspiracy
  • Food Choices
  • Forks Over knives

Then we decided to watch Earthlings and that really put the nail in our carnivore coffin.

I also read ‘ How Not To Die’ by Michael Greger, M.D. which was very insightful on how our bodies suffers from living on a dairy/meat-diet.


There were so any arguments against meat and dairy consumption, it just seemed silly to not try a plant-based diet, so we began on our vegan journey and we realised we felt so much better and actually had a lot more fun with food then we did previously.

I know, Vegans who harp on about the evil world of meat-eating is a bit of a bore, but it’s worth having a look at some documentaries and reading up on it, even if you are meat-loving dairy king/queen!

Anyway if you have any questions just DM on Instagram or email me on soberveganwalksintoabar@gmail.com