Cafe Vie – What A Plant-Based Cafe Looks Like In 2018.

What do think of when you hear “Plant-based or Vegan restaurant”?

‘Old me’,  would have pictured sitting on a tree log, eating brussels sprouts curry and being served by a woman who calls herself “Fairy Pumpkin” or something.

However It’s been nearly a year of being vegan and I can safely say I haven’t come across a place like that…yet.

We have been wanting to visit a new cafe called; Cafe Vie , so we took the chance on our way back from a night in the Sunshine Coast to pop in for lunch.

As soon as you enter the venue, it’s like stepping into a ‘food spa’ – it’s fresh, minimalist but warming. You are met by a friendly wait staff who welcome you, talk you through the menu and settle you in.

44691601_2062894813732085_6715518045487366144_o(photos credit: @cafeviebuderim)

The menu has a vast amount to choose from, sectioned in; brunch, munch and lunch. Accompanied with a range of drinks, where you have a choice of  having a coffee or a fresh juice to a beer/wine kind of session.

Being our tee-total selves, we went for a fresh juice, you can choose what fruits you would like from their selection; I went for a pineapple, apple, orange and ginger-  just what you want after a morning on the beach!


Then for the food and wow the menu was intensely good! It was hard to choose but we finally settled for the following:

Steamed Bunz to share; cashew hoisin, cucumber pickles, spring onion, gochujang, smoked king oyster mushrooms.  


I went for the Green Herb Tacos; spiced jicama, king oyster barbacoa, pepita cream, avocado salsa. A perfect choice on hot Sunday!


Chris opted for the Unreal Burger; house smoked tempeh, bean sprouts,  baby spinach, cashew satay sauce with wedges.  Chris has done a lot of burgers in his vegan time and he said this is one of the best ones he has had, so that is pretty impressive.



What I love most about Cafe Vie, is not only was all the food very delicious but it also was very ‘clean’. There is a lot of great vegan restaurants out there, but sometimes it can get a bit greasy (which is great, when you want it.)  But it felt good knowing you have had top quality, clean food (….and no brussel sprouts curry.) 

There are so many more options on the menu such as; a breakfast burrito,  ramen, noodles, salad bowls…you name it!  So, we will certainly be going back there to try the rest out.

So, if you are like the ‘old me’ and have scary visions of vegan restaurants; meat eater or not, you need to visit Cafe Vie.

It’s the definition of plant-based living in 2018 and beyond.

39004243_1967494306605470_1892320718981431296_o(photos credit: @cafeviebuderim)

Cafe Vie – Gloucester Centre, 2 Main Street 4556 Buderim, Queensland

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