Where To Get Alcohol-Free-Booze

Ok, so there doesn’t seem to be a list out there for people looking for alcohol-free booze. What I mean by this is; alcohol-free beer, wine or spirits.  It’s important because even if you are not sober, there are many reasons why you want to feel like you are drinking but can’t have alcohol. (i.e driving, pregnant or it’s simply a Monday evening).

I believe every bar should stock some sort of alternative that isn’t a just a mocktail or soft drinks. Besides more and more people are choosing a healthier lifestyle and so the demand is increasing.

If anyone has any others places/stores (anywhere around the world!) that I can add, then please contact me: soberveganwalksintoabar@gmail.com


Brisbane, Australia  

Drinking Out

Hellenika Seedlip Gin, Moritz beer, quality mocktail list. 

The BavariansErdinger beer


Stores (Queensland Australia – supply will depend on your area)

Spiros Bottle Shop, Paddington – Erdinger beer

Liquorland – all around- Carlton Zero Beer

BWS- Carlton Zero Beer

Dan Murphy’s – Seedlip, Carlton Zero Beer, Heinekan, Holsten, Erdinger, The Hills Cider Company, Baltika, Teetoal GnT, Bavaria, range of roses-white and red and sparking. 

Coles/Woolworhts – Coopers 




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