A Sober Vegan Walks Into… Hellenika at The Calile Hotel.

James Street, Brisbane is like your Chelsea in London.

You got those shops that put ‘Blood Orange and Coriander’ scented candles on the ‘essential’ shelf, ladies who lunch on Wednesdays and a pavement that can look like a cat walk at times.

The Calile hotel, a boutique urban retreat, has just opened in the centre of James Street and it’s pretty bloody fabulous.


I mean look at the stair case….

IMG_5264 3

and the gold lift….

IMG_9789 2

IMG_6088 4

What makes this hotel extra stunning is that, Hellenika, a Greek bar and restaurant from the Gold Coast, has perfectly placed itself on the roof terrace.


Anyway this is a sober vegan blog so let’s get to the facts.

There I was, getting comfortable on the bar stool, surrounded by towering ladies in stilettos and big, belly business men finishing off their lunch at 6pm.

I looked down at menu, I wasn’t expecting much, maybe a virgin mojito or something but there it was…. an alcohol free section. Gasp.

I’m not talking ‘mocktails’, I’m talking, sophisticated and exciting sober drinks. Not only this but it also has a non-alcoholic beer on the menu.

I went straight for the Seedlip Spice mocktail, which is basically a re-make of the cosmopolitan. I channeled my inner Carrie Bradshaw and sipped away at it.  The drink really lived up to it’s name; it was spicy! A great way to kick off an evening (much better than a soda and lime)


Then I tried the Seedlip Garden,  a more refreshing number. Again, it was presented beautifully and looked like a ‘grown-up’s drink’.


Unlike some mocktails, which look like something Tinkerbell has vomited. 

Anyway, after our pre-drinks we settled at our table over-looking the pool like we were in some sort of 90210 scene.

Next challenge- vegan.

I hate with a passion, telling the waiter that; not only are we not going to rack up the wine bill but we are also going to make the chef’s life difficult.

However our lovely, enthusiastic waiter said

‘Do not worry, my wife is pregnant and vegan’ 

Hooray, an understanding waiter!

So Hellenkia were able to make a fabulous vegan meal for us; delicious soft bread with fava dip,  juicy tomato salad and for mains; a tasty eggplant moussaka. The whole dinner was delicious.

Whilst dining,  I had the non-alcoholic beer named Moritz which reminded me a lot of Corona. It was light and you can easily sit there in the sun and sink a few!


Wow what a place. Hellenkia has come into my life and it is here to stay, I will certainly be returning during the day as I have spotted a sun-lounger with my name on it….



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