SWAPSIES : Seedlip Spice 94 G & T

Ok I’ll admit it, I was a gin snob.

I would shudder if someone would put a lime in a Hendricks and scowl if I was even asked if tonic from the tap will do?  No, it won’t do – I’ve just paid £12 for a double Bath Tub Gin and you are going to put tonic from a tap in there?? I’m running out of air from the thought of such a theory.

And don’t get me started on the Aussie Gin and Tonics! You have a lot of things right Australians, but consistent Prime Minsters and how to make a decent G & T is not them.

(P.S. thanks for letting me stay in your country 😉 ) 

You get my point.

Anyway since my tee-total days began I replaced my gin and tonic with Fever Tree and cucumber. So basically, a G & T without the G.

However, I have now finally got my hands on a Seedlip and my gin-less-gin life has evolved like a Pokemon.


So there are currently three flavours in the range, this one is called Spice 94.

Seedlip was made by a guy named in Ben from Britain, he was inspired after being handed a pink mocktail on a sober Monday night. It sparked an idea; why can’t we have adult dry drinks? So even if you do like the booze but don’t want to get dizzy during the week, this is a perfect solution.

Spice 94’s natural botanicals & extracts are; Allspice berries, Cardamom, Grapefruit peel, Lemon peel, Oak bark, Cascarilla bark.


Taste wise; it’s spicy yet refreshing from the citrus notes and dances beautifully with a pink grapefruit wedge and some peppercorns (however these can get irritating when trying to drink it…so maybe use a straw)

For the tonic, I have found this Australian range called StrangeLove, which are hipster AF.  Made in Melbourne …obviously. _MG_0799

They are organic, crisp and clean tonic water that doesn’t override the flavours of the Seedlip. They have various flavours in their range, this one is the light version as it goes well with the citrus in the Seedlip. If you see them around it’s definitely worth a try!

Overall, Seedlip 94 is a fab swapsies for sober gin lovers out there, it’s refreshing during the day and a fancy night cap in the evening.



Author: Sober Vegan Walks Into A Bar

Once a steak-eating-piss-head, Sober Vegan Walks Into A Bar, is a blog about eating and drinking on a sober vegan lifestyle.

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