A Sober Vegan Walks Into A Bar…

….and cringes at herself as the bartender rolls his eyes at her request for a non-alcoholic beer and her enquiry about a ‘vegan-friendly’ bar snack.

Yes, I have come a long way from ‘That Bloody Mary‘ days (I used to review Bloody Marys and Pimms as a hobby…basically getting pissed and writing about it)




If you told that Mary she was going to go completely sober and vegan in 2018, she would have laughed in your face and ordered another bottle of Provence rose to toast the joke.



However, not only me but my partner, Chris and I have not had any any booze, dairy or meat since January 1st 2018 (last shot was around 2am that day). This is near to impossible for a couple who met through their love of gin and charcuterie boards.


But, after a lot of hangovers and a binge on Netflix’ vegan documentaries we decided we needed to try this new way of living. If you are curious to know a bit more of how and why we made changed , I have outlined it all here.  

The reason for this blog is not a preachy; ‘love-thy-sober-vegan-chickpea mush.’  No, the truth is, I appreciate how tasty steak is, or how refreshing beer is on a hot summers day.   I love going to cocktail bars, dining out and organising parties. So this blog is about finding places, products and recipes to keep up the social lifestyle I enjoy.


I am also going to be learning to cook vegan meals, as I realised we can’t just live on cashews and popcorn for the rest of our days.

So, the dry adventure starts here – subscribe for the latest blogs and please follow the Instagram page for daily updates.

See you soon 🙂

Mary x

Author: Sober Vegan Walks Into A Bar

Once a steak-eating-piss-head, Sober Vegan Walks Into A Bar, is a blog about eating and drinking on a sober vegan lifestyle.

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